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May 2016

29 May

.Little Black (off shoulder) Dress

Holi! Like I said in the previous post I’m super obsessed with the"off shoulder" trend and let me warn you that I’ll continue with my trauma for the rest of the summer (haha). So in my boredom, desire to design and retaking my sewing machine skills. I put together (that sounds weird but anyways) this "little black dress" with my little shoulders on the loose and since I made this dress, I haven’t stopped making them for my friends and friends of my friends!! (busy, busy, busy). I’m the biggest believer that black is a non seasonal color and only depends on which fabrics (in this case light because of the freaking hot weather haha) and textures that you pick...
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5 May

.My Mexican off shoulder top!

Holi Starshines! Hope you're super good in this lovely CINCO DE MAYO! (Haha) If you're Mexican, you know that today we celebrate the Puebla’s battle but is not a big thing. But in USA is THE Mexican celebration. Once someone said to me: Congratulations! And I was so confused. Today is all about tequila shots, margaritas, tacos, guac and sombreros, while here in Mexico I got for juice and starbucks for breakfast hahaha ironic right? But well let me tell you that I'm totally obsessed with the "off shoulder" trend, is extra comfortable and flirty...
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