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Welcome to The Mannequin Tattoo

16 Jun

.Wynwood Walls

Holi!! Hope you’re very very well wherever you’re ! Today I want to share with y’all a #TBT with pics of the very famous and beautiful Wynwood Walls. I had always wanted to go there and when finally my dream came true you can’t imagine my happiness, I was as excited  as a little girl who doesn’t know what to expect. The truth is I only stayed for a couple of hours and part of the garden was closed for...
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29 May

.Little Black (off shoulder) Dress

Holi! Like I said in the previous post I’m super obsessed with the"off shoulder" trend and let me warn you that I’ll continue with my trauma for the rest of the summer (haha). So in my boredom, desire to design and retaking my sewing machine skills. I put together (that sounds weird but anyways) this "little black dress" with my little shoulders on the loose and since I made this dress, I haven’t stopped making them for my friends and...
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5 May

.My Mexican off shoulder top!

Holi Starshines! Hope you're super good in this lovely CINCO DE MAYO! (Haha) If you're Mexican, you know that today we celebrate the Puebla’s battle but is not a big thing. But in USA is THE Mexican celebration. Once someone said to me: Congratulations! And I was so confused. Today is all about tequila shots, margaritas, tacos, guac and sombreros, while here in Mexico I got for juice and starbucks for breakfast hahaha ironic right? But well let me tell...
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25 Mar

.Travel Diaries: Verona

Holiii! The truth is that I’m half quite begin with my travel/ adventures posts, of Italy and those before Italy. But I didn’t know where to start and what to write since I don’t consider myself a  Travel blogger, but traveling is one of my favorite thing to do, so I decided to start with this new thingy called: Travel Diaries...
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22 Mar

.#PFW Streetstyle

Holi!! Hope you’re super good, maybe enjoying spring break or maybe still working but enjoying your empty and quiet city. Today, as promised, I want to share with you some photos I snap of Elie Saab show. It was coincidence how I got there, I was leaving Diogo Miranda show, which by the way...
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7 Feb

Philly is always a good idea

Holi! Welcome to the new ¨Baby Blog¨! New year, new look and since I changed my look, the baby blog couldn’t be left behind. January flew so fast,  I was just arriving to Mexico when I had the opportunity to com to Italy, plus I was on the process of changing  the image of the blog (I'm still in the process of getting totally familiar with it...
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31 Dec

.HMBalmaination & bye bye 2015

  Holi!! How are you? I have abandoned the blog for a while and it’s made me very unhappy but if you follow me on social media you will see that in the last month I’ve been up and down and all around, literally, and I'm not complaining or anything like that, because I've had a blast, though I do feel a bit sad when I don’t post on the baby blog. So guess what? I just couldn't end the year...
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